Tonkinese cat sitting on stovetop
Mocha is at risk, sitting on the stove like this!

If you aren’t careful with the legal-ese on your blog, you could be in danger–just like this kitty, at risk of getting burned. I’ve heard of bloggers getting sued for little things, but if you cover your butt–like this kitty isn’t doing–you’ll be fine.

How, you ask, do you cover your butt, legally-speaking?

You need Amira Irfan’s Legal Bundle for your Website!

She helped me with all of my legal pages, and I never could’ve done it without her help.

(It’s not like I know her personally–her incredible Legal Bundle is almost magic, it’s so easy to use. You download a file, edit some text, and then paste it onto your own blog. Presto!)

Keep in mind, this is an affiliate link, so if you make a purchase through it, I get a piece of the pie. See my disclaimers for the full details.

That also means that if you make a purchase with Ms. Irfan, you might earn it back as an affiliate for her many high-quality legal packages.

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