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Hello, learned reader. One of the easiest ways to support a blog you enjoy is to shop through their affiliates.

Everything linked below is something I, personally, have used and enjoyed–and by shopping via these links, you support me, as well! That is, these are affiliate links, so I get a small payment when you shop via these links, at no cost to you. Everyone wins!

ConvertKit Freemium Plan!

Look how pretty this email subscription form is–can you imagine easily setting up the same thing on your site?

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    I’m slowly but surely building up to an email list–I realize how important it is. If you sign up for ConvertKit’s email management system–even the free version!–we both get 100 extra subscribers. That is, assuming you use my ConvertKit Link!

    Continuing Education for Teachers – at Home!

    I’ve especially appreciated when I wanted to renew my teaching license but wasn’t with a school district at the time–so getting PD was hard, expensive, or both. Luckily, I found, earned all the PD hours I needed, and re-uped my license.

    Use code N5SDQ to let ’em know I sent you!


    I know, I know–no one can really tell the difference in wine based on price. But there’s something so magical about having wine delivered to our home. Sign up for Winc based on this link, and we both get free wine:

    Cash Back. Just About Everywhere.

    I’m still getting to know Rakuten, but as we both learn more, you might as well use this link to sign up–you’ll earn $10 after you spend $25:

    Of Course–Amazon

    Really, anything you buy on Amazon through this link benefits me a teensy bit, but I might as well point you towards a book that really, truly does change lives: Your Money Or Your Life.

    I’m sure I’ll be adding to this page as possible–let me know of any good affiliate programs you know of! Every little bit helps!